Words and Music with Fiona Beddow is now available on YouTube (see below) … but here is something a little different … A PILOT EPISODE OF A RADIO SITCOM.

♥ ‘NOW WE ARE FIVE’ is set in an infant school classroom and follows the bonkers exploits of a motley gang of five-year-olds.  I’ve always loved writing dialogue more than anything else, so a radio script is the perfect place to have some fun playing around with words.  Why not settle down with a cookie and a glass of milk, engage your inner child and have a chuckle!


Words and Music with Fiona Beddow  … IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN!

A short video show, released on YouTube every six to eight weeks or so, full of all things bookish, wordy and musical.  With special guests … authors, musicians … and some inspirational people from other walks of life as well.  And not forgetting some stirring calls to adventure from none other than Beth Hardy, Jac Stryder-Jones and Laurel Smith. 

Watch now – or search for Fiona Beddow, Words and Music” on YouTube!

EPISODE FOUR: ‘Being Dark’ with special guest author Mark Edwards. (9.10.18)

I chat to multi-million copy-selling thriller author Mark Edwards about all things dark and sinister.  There’s jazz improv and musings from the Zen Bicycle Band (and a weird snake thing in the background … answers on a postcard, please!)  Charles Dickens is suitably gruesome.  And this is the show where my tripod broke and my phone was stuck on with Blu Tack and kept moving! …

♥ EPISODE THREE: ‘Strong Women’ with special guest author Louise Voss.  (29.8.18)

After eating some carrot cake, Louise and I chat about strong women and girls in literature.  There’s original music from Dan Aston, a daring Victorian explorer who flouted expectations of femininity – and a spot of chess (watch out for the mighty Queen!) …


♥ EPISODE TWO: ‘Fathers and Daughters’ with special guests Geoff and Emily Cook (26.6.18) 

I talk to Geoff and Emily about their charity Khushi Feet, and about what it means to be a father and daughter.  There’s heart-touching music by Polar4 … Jane Austen gets in on the action … and possibly a record number of fathers and daughters make an appearance …

♥ EPISODE ONE: ‘Going on an Adventure’ with special guest Sue Aston. (16.4.18)

I talk about creative courage and cake with violinist and composer Sue Aston … we hear some of Sue’s beautiful, Cornwall-inspired music … I demonstrate how much I love my swivel chair …