Words and Music with Fiona Beddow  … IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN!

A short video show, released on YouTube every couple of months or so, full of all things bookish, wordy and musical.  With special guests: authors, musicians … and some inspirational people from other walks of life as well.  And not forgetting some stirring calls to adventure from none other than Beth Hardy, Jac Stryder-Jones and Laurel Smith. 

Watch now – or search for Fiona Beddow, Words and Music” on YouTube!


Composer Geraldine Green talks about humour in art, how she composes her beautiful music, and how some of it ended up on BBC Radio 3. There is some surprisingly funny stuff from Thomas Hardy; stand-up comedians Sheila and Richard muse about why we need comedy in our lives, and a well-known sitcom reveals its sad side.

Here is something a little different … A PILOT EPISODE OF AN AUDIO SITCOM.

♥ ‘NOW WE ARE FIVE’ is set in an infant school classroom and follows the bonkers exploits of a motley gang of five-year-olds.  I’ve always loved writing dialogue more than anything else, so a radio script is the perfect place to have some fun playing around with words.  Why not settle down with a cookie and a glass of milk, engage your inner child and have a chuckle!


WORDS AND MUSIC EPISODE FOUR: ‘Being Dark’ with special guest author Mark Edwards. (9.10.18)

I chat to multi-million copy-selling thriller author Mark Edwards about all things dark and sinister.  There’s jazz improv and musings from the Zen Bicycle Band (and a weird snake thing in the background … answers on a postcard, please!)  Charles Dickens is suitably gruesome.  

♥ WORDS AND MUSIC EPISODE THREE: ‘Strong Women’ with special guest author Louise Voss.  (29.8.18)

After eating some carrot cake, Louise and I chat about strong women and girls in literature.  There’s original music from Dan Aston, a daring Victorian explorer who flouted expectations of femininity – and a spot of chess (watch out for the mighty Queen!) …


♥ WORDS AND MUSIC EPISODE TWO: ‘Fathers and Daughters’ with special guests Geoff and Emily Cook (26.6.18) 

I talk to Geoff and Emily about their charity Khushi Feet, and about what it means to be a father and daughter.  There’s heart-touching music by Polar4 … Jane Austen gets in on the action … and possibly a record number of fathers and daughters make an appearance …

♥ WORDS AND MUSIC EPISODE ONE: ‘Going on an Adventure’ with special guest Sue Aston. (16.4.18)

I talk about creative courage and cake with violinist and composer Sue Aston … we hear some of Sue’s beautiful, Cornwall-inspired music … I demonstrate how much I love my swivel chair …