Visits and Workshops

‘Writing a book is an adventure’ – Winston Churchill.

Fiona’s workshops are designed to encourage a confident, fearless approach to writing.  They combine musical games with a series of activities to develop bold imagination skills and daring word-smithery.


A qualified teacher and ex-musician, Fiona has more than 20 years’ experience of working with large groups of children of all ages – and is an accomplished public speaker.  Each workshop is adapted to suit the needs of all the children involved.

Why use music?

Music games are a great ice-breaker, and get everyone tuned in to working together.  Activating everybody’s sense of rhythm and pulse at the start of the session helps the words to flow once the writing tasks begin.

The 'Brave/Fearful' music game

The Spirit of Adventure?

Writing doesn’t always come easy – sometimes it takes a huge leap of confidence to put something on paper.  But if we treat it like an adventure, it can get easier – and become a lot more fun.  The workshops aim to help reluctant writers to wield their pens more fearlessly – and will encourage those who already love writing to discover new directions for their creativity.

If you would like to book Fiona for a workshop or writing party (or just require a ‘meet the author’ session), please e-mail for more details, or use the form below.  If you use this form, your reply will come from You might like to consider adding this address to your address book … and please do check your Spam folder, in case your reply has landed in there.